Starting out

Initial Characters should read this:

This is why the party knows each other, is 4th level, and has their wealth.

The setting is near the City of Narwell, along the Wild Coast, in the world of Greyhawk setting.
Narwell is located in the north center of this map
Narwell is a fairly large city along many trade routes, with scattered villages in the country side of mostly humans. The large Westwood forest and Kron hills to the west give ample reason for any race to be played. Farther to the south lay more chaotic area’s full of orc’s. It is almost certain the players have seen 1/2 orcs and orcs, but they are thought of as too evil.
Being on the borders of the Wild Coast and Kingdom of Furyondy a wide variety of class’s are available ( sorry, still no monks allowed ).
This setting give players a large variety of choice for their own backgrounds

How ya all got together .. your common background.

It all started with a little sickness, perhaps in one of the small villages. While the local healers tried to cure the few that were inflicted at first, nothing seemed to work. In a matter of a two weeks most of the small villages in the area had at least one person inflicted ( and where most of the party starts to hear about it), and yet nothing seemed to help. The cleric’s would cure the inflicted, but a day or two later they where sick again. Then it struck the City of Narwell. Clerics tried to heal, but it seemed that each time they did, more got infected. Remove disease and even lift cures were cast, but each time the infliction came back and affected more. Within 3 months is seems that not even one person was not touched somehow by having a friend, neighbor or even family member infected from this strange ailment.

Perhaps non of you knew each other at the time ( or some of you may have known some), but all of you had concern for someone inflicted and came to Narwell ( unless you already lived there ) to seek help. You were not the only ones, there were many, begging for help, seeking answers, demanding something be done, or offering to help is possible. City leaders did ask for help, and several men and women stepped forward ( you being among them ). They were divided into 4 groups ( where you first got to meet each other. Some of the groups were to go out into the countryside and find out how far this has spreed, and to warn other cities. Your group was given the dreadful task to backtrack the origin of this sickness, and see where is came from, possibly how to stop it.

Doing a few interviews in the villages you found out that ‘strangers’ were seen in each of the villages the day before the first outbreak. You found out that these strangers belonged to an evil cult and tracked them down. You destroyed the cult lair and realized that the cult was only the delivery method, and linked to an evil temple, which you destroyed. But, not until finding out that the temple was just a front for a group of evil wizards that had concocted the ‘cursed ailment’. Believing these wizards to be the leaders, you defeated them, and found the magical treatment to cure everyone still infected. You delivered it back to Narwell, where a team of alchemist set about brewing cures for all.

This whole adventure took your group several months. In that time, some of your group may have died and you are the survivors of your task. You gained 4th level ( starting from 0 ) and plenty of coin and riches. Your own village treats you as a local folk hero for saving lives, and it’s not uncommon to have someone buy you a drink in and around Narwell area for weeks to come as the ailment is slowly treated. After that, life seems to be returning to normal for you, albeit you made friends( the other group members ) and have great stories for the children and grandchildren. Outside of the area folks may have only heard about the incident, and wouldn’t recognize your name.

Non of this adventure is related to the upcoming adventure, save as to serve as the starting point, give common background, a reason to know each other, and be level 4.

Starting out

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