House Rules

House rules:
Only for this adventure. When possible I will try to give my reasoning behind why i’m making the house rule. Most of these “House rules” are new to our gaming.. and things i’d like to try for the first time. Mostly to speed up play, or to make my job as DM much easier.

Rule #1: Give me time
If you expect me to make a snap decision on a rule, or ask me if i’m gonna allow “this or that” in my game, and need a decision in a hurry, chances are good you’ll be met with a flat out NO. If you ask me well in advance( email works folks), prepared to present a good reason, and let me ponder it for a DAY OR TWO chances are good i’ll see some merit in it and let it happen. Remember, in game when I got 6+ players all asking question giving their input, while trying to figure out all the moves of the NPC’s and weather or not the goblin guards two doors down heard ya, a snap ruling is probably NOT gonna run in your favor. ( all this is done in hope of speeding up game play ).

Rule #2: Be courteous:
Especially to the players over the web. The mic picks up everything said, and it’s very hard to pick out what the DM is trying to say to them when there are 2-3 other people talking ( so if it’s not your turn, stay quiet). Consider passing a note if the DM is trying to talk to another player. If it’s not your turn DONT INTERUPT those who’s turn it is ( or the DM).
Characters can ( and should ) be made ON THE PLAYERS OWN TIME. Please have the courtesy of having your own character created when you come to play, so the rest of the players don’t have to wait while you create one.( I feel a player should not have to make others wait 2+ hours for one person, when everyone else is ready. Just have the courtesy to either be ready, or let the others start without you.) If you don’t have a character ready on “game night” your most welcome to come early. There are ample computers and books available for generating prior to game, or while others play. There may even be pregenerated characters available in the “Bag oh holding” (see later ) that you may choose from to save you time.

Rule #3: 15 Minutes to speak your mind:
We all know there are times when something happens in game that rules don’t cover ( or folks don’t know the rule ). If there seems to be a dispute, I vow to give up to 15 minutes for the PLAYER/PLAYERS to “argue their case” before me ( finding the rule in a book, or similar rules, even sighting events from books or moves to help visualize if need be ). I will “pass judgment” in the 15 min’s. This is only done so that we can return to playing with out spending ½ the night in debate, and hence speed up play plus make my life a whole lot better as DM.
I remind folks that ANY JUDGMENT I PASS IS NOT FINAL.. After gaming you are welcome to return to the topic, even writing it down and sending it to me via e-mail so I may think about it for a few days ( see rule #1).

Character creation:
Initial: It will be assumed that the initial group knows each other and has been adventuring for sometime ( see Starting out ) hence we will start with a character creation night, where players can determine what class/race they wish to play, along with skills, feats and such, plus have input from other players. Sadly this will give little opportunity to develop each characters own background as you will be sharing in one. Ultimately it will be the players final word on their own character. YES, I’m sure most will know what they want to play beforehand, this will just give players the time to sit together and hammer out small details.( like do we have enough fighter types, or is someone gonna be able to _____ )
Level: Initial characters will start at level 4
Characters made after that will start at the level of the lowest level character.
Races allowed: Standard races from the players handbook only ( no ½ orcs , they were not in the original game, and not here either. Plus this adventure views Orc’s and ½ Orcs as bad guys for the most part). Alternate Racial Traits from the advanced players books ARE APPROVED ( page 8).
Classes allowed: Standard classes from players handbook only ( no Monks, never have liked the idea of an “eastern style martial artist” in a “dark age / middle age / renaissance age “ adventure. Every character knows “unarmed strike“ and fighters can pick up feats if you wish to be a martial artist).
Cavaliers from the Advance players book have been approved, ( thanks to Jason .. and rule #1)
Variant class’s found in the Advance Players guide WILL BE allowed.
I WILL NOT be allowing prestige classes( if for no other reason then, they were not in the original game).
Multi-class’s will be allowed: as long as they are still of the standard class’s

Ability Scores: Characters will be use a modified “point buy” system .. sorry no die rolling for stat’s.( reasoning being this is so all are equal in ability scores and no one has 4 18’s while another has a best of 16 with a low average die roll ). Characters will start with all stats at 11, and have 30 points to build their stats with the cost being (12 = 1)(13 = 2)(14 = 4)(15 = 6)(16 = 9)(17 = 12)(18 = 16). These build points are figured pre-race modifier, and pre level advancement.
Check out Possible stat’s to see if yours works.. or to help you decide what stat’s you’d like.
Hit points: All characters will start with max HP at 1st, and one less the max at 2nd 3rd and 4th. After that you are free to role your hit points. (IE: take your max hits at 4th level and subtract 3)
Spells, feats & skills: Anything you find published in any of the pathfinder rule books.

Starting wealth:
Characters will use starting wealth rules. 6000 gold at 4th level (page 399 in core rule book). buying magic items WILL BE ALLOWED.
The group may wish to have a treasurer to keep track of loot. If so, i highly advise having only one “Official list” ( multiple list of items may cause confusion). I can make a notebook available. Doesn’t have to be the same person each night, just someone to write down what you got, and distribute the loot. If we use Obsidianportal, I think that may be a good place to keep track of left over loot also, for all players to be able to see.

I’ll use a good/neutral/ evil base .. and I would like all to be good please. ( reason behind this is because I feel that characters of different aliment would eventual part ways / or dislike each other to much to form a strong bond of companionship, although each player may choose to what degree of good/ or law he follows.)

Since the party is assumed to have worked together for some time, a leader will be predetermined, if need be, by DM ‘thuper-thecret’ formula.

Hero Points:
I would like to use the hero point system found on page 322 of the Advance Players guide. How I award points will be up to me ( but i’m leaning toward 1 point per gaming night ( non cumulative) and one point per level gained, truly heroic actions I deem worthy, and DM bribes ( like M&M’s and cleaning up after we game )). Characters can have a max of 3 Hero points at any time.

There will not be xp given for monster kills, spells cast, traps over come etc. Instead i’ll be awarding partial levels for each stage or goal completed ( IE : I don’t care if the bard con’s his way in, the thief sneaks past all the guards, the wizard sleep spells all the guards, or the fighter kills ‘em all, as long as you return with the ’thuper-thecret’ formula kept locked up inside the castle, you get XP for retrieving the formula, NOT what you did get it.)
Since many players will not be able to attend all nights, any character that played a ‘reasonable’ helpful role in the completion of a stage/goal will be awarded full XP. Characters left in “Bag oh holding” and not used will receive 1/2 credit. This is only done to make sure characters stay roughly the same level.

Character “Bag oh holding”:
We all know not every player can make every night. If it is “reasonable” that the character is traveling with the party, or nearby, I will assume that they are in this fictional “Bag oh holding” and make them partially available to the group playing. PC’s used from the “Bag oh holding” can only be used only in non-combat/non-hostile situations.
Things that players can use from PC’s in the “bag oh holding” include.
Insight: If non of the played characters have a skill that may be needed at the time, that skill may use from a PC in the “Bag oh holding”. ( reason behind this A: the characters have probably seen that hero use the skill and B: “ a hero of my level “ would probably make sure their companions have certain understandings about things). The players can use the base RANK skill ( minus untrained feat, amour penalty, etc if applicable ) and their own ability mod’s. Only one character can use this at a time, and no one can use it to “assist”.
Gather intel/forage: Players can send “Bag oh holding“ PC’s to do the little out of adventure things that may take time away from playing. They may be assumed to be foraging for food, carrying messages from place to place, or in a town doing tasks there.
Spells: If “Bag oh holding“ PC’s are nearby, they can cast their allotment of heal spells / read or detect magic / identify, etc as long as it’s in a safe environment.

Quick PC’s Sometimes we might have a guest that would like to play, or someones character just died, and it’s sad that they’ll have to sit out and roll a new character up while the others play. In this case, why not use someone in the “Bag oh holding”. ( smart players might think about having their next toon they’d like to play already made up). Altho i feel there should be permission granted first before someone plays another person character.

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House Rules

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